Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm taking a crack at customizing my very first vinyl toy [in this case a Mighty Mugg] and it's making me crazy.

I've learned that the paints we have are crap, my hands shake way too much, and I bite the bejesus out of the inside of my lip while concentrating. Hurrah.

Also, I'm a member of The Mighty Muggs Forum, primarily so that I can look at attached pictures since some people are too fucking dumb to figure out photobucket, but also because there are some pretty talented folks there and I'd love to get their feedback once I start cranking out customs faster than an Irish-Catholic woman has babies. That wasn't funny.

Anyway, I doubt I'll ever grow the stones to post pictures of this first mistake anywhere. Not even here. Boo.

Nothing new. Still waiting on my unemployment checks and Washington state medical license to show up. Boo to that, too.

Dorian is mad because I hurt her back today. I feel fucking terrible, but I doubt she knows it. I'm bad at comforting people. Especially big stupid cry baby people that are stinky but I love anyway. Those kind of people are the hardest for me to comfort.

Anyway, radio city.

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