Monday, February 16, 2009

I think it's funny.

Dorian spilled soda all over my fucking carpet. My gorgeous, 'I just have to rub my naked flesh all over it' green carpet.

Actually, it is not gorgeous, and I would be afraid to rub my naked body all over it. It's just some shitty rough office carpet that my landlord put in, judging by the look of it, around ten years ago. I think movie theaters and waiting rooms have nicer carpet than my apartment.

Also, Dorian was kind enough to give me a list of things that make me a huge nerd.

They are as follows:

- Not only do I have a ton of toys, but I collect them.

- I know a lot about animals. "You know, bugs and reptiles."

- I have a 'half-assed' jew fro.

- I watched all of the Star Wars movies. In one sitting.

- I like comic books.

- I enjoy a good Sci-Fi novel.

- I'm a 'video game snob'.

- I have a beard.

- I've been a member of the same forum for eight years now. An active member.

- I have poor posture.

- I find the writings of Mr.Hawking to be quite interesting.

- ...Yeah, and I call him Mr.Hawking.

- Dinosaurs. I love them.

So say we all.


  1. I am unimpressed with your nerdiness, and also with your job as a Ron Jeremy impersonator.